Why eMpulse Market Research?


Experience of more than 20 years in Market Research across multiple sectors and agencies.


Ability to provide high quality Market Research output at a ‘value for money’ pricing.


From simple Content Management System to complex eCommerce developer, we cover it all.


Growing acceptability in the market right from MNCs to large Indian companies and entrepreneurs.

Our Impressive Case Studies

Empulse Market Research

eMpulse India is one of the leading market research firms in India providing high quality output at value for money price.

We deliver extraordinary results for Market Research in India, using extensive marketing research domain experience within the Indian market. We also have a team of analysts who are very savvy in big data analytics that is coupled with full market research service.

eMpulse India brings the latest in MR tools and techniques. We are on the cutting edge of applied Market Research methods. eMpulse India benefits from the insight of the team in North America, which helps the Indian operations keep in touch with the latest trends in the global market and advanced research techniques.

We conduct Market research in India to help with the following:

  1. 1. India Product Launch
  2. 2. India Brand Launch
  3. 3. India Market Monitoring
  4. 4. India Brand Monitoring

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It entails a thorough understanding of the consumer needs, their perceptions about your brand, and competing brands.



How to understand your customer and the role of Market Research?

Understanding the targetted consumer behavior is essential for any brand prior to launching a product, as the primary purpose behind marketing a product is to satisfy the needs of the consumers and serve them the best.