The benefits of rising Online Researches v/s. Traditional Market Research

  • 11 December, 2019

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Do you remember you had attended your marketing guests in your childhood, especially on Sundays and the excitement of the impulse purchase, instead of the regular planned shopping? Amazon and Flipkart were not at your service then, and such interactions and availability of buying products at your doorstep was amazement always. We seldom witness those survey executives these days. What was the importance of those surveys and personal selling and where have those survey executives gone today?

Surveys are essential for successful Market Research. Using surveys to collect consumer information, even at a subtle level of mindshare, belief systems, and preferences give valuable insights. It offers deeper understanding of target markets, product feedback, customer responsiveness and customer loyalty, their buying habits and top of the mind brand awareness. The price, target customer demographics, customer satisfaction, and grounding influence, all these strategies can be articulated basis the measurable survey reports.

A revolutionary transition in the Research Methodology from Traditional to Online

However, with the advancement in technology, the use of mobile and the internet amongst consumers has skyrocketed. It has led to a complete paradigm shift in how a marketing cycle functions. Importantly, it has offered Market Research, an essential pillar of Marketing Strategy, a new platform altogether. Brads can now be more accurate in identifying Market and Consumer insights with online Market Research tools that are faster, accurate, measurable and cost-effective.

Conducting survey’s a decade before, was a massive manual project, right from its planning and execution until the evaluation of outcomes. Online Technology is a blessing for the brands, where surveys and researches can be conducted and measured more accurately. Importantly, the online survey tools offer breath taking evaluation covering all the information related to demography, geography, preference patterns and effectiveness with proper illustrative and interactive graphs. Additionally, online surveys and researches can be the entire process of online surveys and researches can be carried out in almost half the price and time factor in comparison to the Traditional Method of Market Research.

The lacking awareness of Online power for businesses

However, it is witnessed that people who aren’t familiar with the technological sensations and remarkable potential of Digital Medium, still, consider traditional methods over online ones. The primary reason behind this wide-spread belief is the unawareness of the power, that the internet has to offer.

This article highlights the advantages of Online Survey's that help in Brands to maximize their profits.

Advantages of Online Survey:

  1. 1. Mix of various Research Tools that avoids Survey Fraud, Limited Sampling and Respondent Availability, Possible Cooperation Problems and lack of an interviewer. At the same time, practicing a two-way research model for accurate results:
  2. This is the biggest challenge that brands face with online surveys. They come across fake answers, one-sided interactions, limited respondent resource or co-operation problem where the survey could get deleted or ignored.

    However, Integrated Online research Plan offers complete ownership and accountability of the process and offers all the possible advantages of Online Surveys. At the same time, it takes care of all the disadvantages and limitations of online surveys. These disadvantages primarily stem from the one-sidedness of Online Researches where it completely depends on the consumers that whether he offers a piece of fake information, consumer’s unavailability or ignorance of the survey al-together.

    The proper Integrated Online survey encompasses all the tools that would be necessary to encourage two-way communication and get accurate responses on researches, for eg. Tele-calling and special benefits or discounts on opting for online surveys in combination with e-mails, WhatsApp, or messaging.

    Telecalling and special benefits on giving authenticated feedback is encouraged by the proficient Research Agencies.

  3. 2. Developing prospective consumer Base and increased footfalls:
  4. By means of offering the consumers a discount or free gift or a reward after the completion of the online survey, The brands do not only increase awareness and engage with their prospective consumers, however, also develop a consumer base for future conversions.

    For instance, after attending the online survey, the consumers may get an additional discount on their next visit to the respective online/offline shop. This online survey strategy encourages additional footfalls.

  5. 3. Time Saving Quick analysis:
  6. Specially designed online survey tools offer real-time quick analysis reports.

    Once the data has been collected, the client can assess it at any time of the day, as per their convenience and in a wide range of formats they wish to analyze the survey outcome.

  7. 4. Complete honesty and transparency:
  8. Online surveys create comfortable anonymous and private environment for consumers; therefore, they are always fearlessly truthful for the shared answers, without any fear. There is also a sense of transparency and honesty at both the ends, in the responses received from the consumers, and what we share with the client.

  9. 5. Accurate and measurable responses merged with flexibility and convenience:
  10. From the clients perspective, every response is recorded thus offering accurate and measurable reports. From the audience’s perspective, an online survey is flexible as they can share the feedback at any point in time.

    There is a convenience of liberty to answer or to skip a particular question.

  11. 6. Cost-Effectiveness:
  12. Using online survey tools cuts down research costs to almost half. Neither brands have to spend money on hiring manpower for this work, nor there is any loss of manual labor while entering the information into the database. It turns out to be a true value and quality against the spent budget.

      Key benefits of online research/survey tools:

    • 1. Multiple formatting options

    • 2. No restriction on survey creation

    • 3. Quick and easy export of collected data

    • 4. Data summary with especial charts

    • 5. Easy column rearrangement

    • 6. Convenient use of plug-ins on different sites at a time

    • 7. Easy modification of the questionnaire in the survey forms

    • 8. Option to add a start and end date to survey

Online Research Tools – A must-have move for the brands in this Digital Age

Uncovering the true consumer insight, pain-points, and desires is no easy task. The ability of Online Market Research to capture a more representative sample of a larger population can uncover truths in depth. With the changing consumer behavior and a shift in the marketing strategies, its high time for brands to understand the power of Online Medium and maximize the revenues by availing the wide spectrum of benefits that the Online Research Technique has to offer.

At eMpulse, our customer-centric online survey process seamlessly promise profound research techniques and accurate outcomes by targetting the right set of audience.

Irrespective of the budget constraints of the client, we at eMpulse, design the most effective and customized Integrated Research Strategy after a systematic and rigorous brainstorming process, that satisfies their needs and fits into their desired budget.

Our advanced survey tool offers a real-time, in-depth analysis and research outcome.

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