New Product Launch in India - Consulting

eMpulse India helps companies with New Product launch in India. Typically brand is the heart of most companies. Our consulting team can help you position your brand proactively. Don’t let random chance take control of your brand. We can help your product launch in India.

At eMpulse we pride ourselves in having a world class team that is experienced in brand launch in India. We provide actionable solutions that are customized to a clients'' brand strategy. Our consulting style is anchored around use of data.

This caliber of consulting is generally provided by high end consulting firms at a very high price. Because of the boutique business model our cost structure is much lower and it allows us to deliver the same quality of service at a much lower price.

We can take your company to a "data driven, fact based solutions culture" using the rigorous eMpulse Delivery Model (EDM) framework. Click here to know more about EDM. Some of the key stages are:

  1. 1. Market opportunity evaluation
  2. 2. Company positioning studies
  3. 3. Opportunity matching to company strategy
  4. 4. Market identity development
  5. 5. Actionable market penetration plan
  6. 6. Action Execution
  7. 7. Monitoring and recalibration

Product launch studies are extremely critical in a growing market such as India.


Field Data Collection in India

One of the key components of Market Data Collection in India is the expertise and experience to effectively perform Field Data Collection in India.

Market Research Analysis

eMpulse India market research analysis team is able to deliver reports that are immediately actionable.

Market Research Reports In India

eMpulse India prides itself in providing actionable reports to customers.

New Product Launch in India

eMpulse India helps companies with New Product launch in India.

Market Research Training In India

eMpulse India provides training to the Market Research professionals.